Photography, Film & Design

Passionate storytellers. Hardworking professionals.

Our team is made up of passionate storytellers, creative photographers and videographers with years of experience. We rely on them to help us build better and become more creative  –  we are destined to capture your moments and build memories that last a lifetime.. Every project no matter if big or small is handled with the up most devoted and experienced personnel in our team, to us your more than just numbers on a spreadsheet or names on a mailing list to us your family and you know what they say; family always comes first. 


Kenny Bagnis | Videographer & Editor

GEORGE GOMEZ | Photographer & Editor

How It All Started...


I may not have the most interesting story on how I grew up or how I started my business, but growing up I always enjoyed helping people, taking pictures, and making money whether it be cutting my neighbors lawn, going to garage sales on the weekends and try to flip and sell random shit online or to kids at school. Like some of you fellas I spent most of my childhood with my grandparents (not saying my parents were bad, they just worked a lot) and until this day I can still remember all the long hours we spent watching Jim Cramer on CNBC and just sitting down with my grandfather watching him do research on companies and different financial investment opportunities, he reminded me a bit of warren buffet. As I got older I wasn’t really allowed to watch cartoons or most of the shows kids are watching now, by now you can tell my grandparents were pretty much old school, so as I grew up, I grew a huge appreciation for books, trading stocks, politics, and participating in things of that nature, but don't be fooled, even tho these were the type of things I enjoyed doing, it didn’t mean I did great at school, I wasn't a straight A student, I was most likely a B and C student, but that didn't mean I was a dumb kid, I thought of school as a waste of time because I wasn't learning what I considered to be valuable so I took matters into my own hands and decided to not begin to educate my self but to finally tell my parents that business was something I wanted to pursue, but money wasn’t my motivation, If anything money wasn’t even on my mind at that time I just wanted to help people who felt the same way I did about the business world and even tho my parents supported my decision, telling my them I wanted to start a business was like telling them you were going to be unemployed, but no matter the criticism, and the stereo types I received from my friends and family members I decided to follow my dreams, at the age of 15 I opened up young wild dreams, now I'm a successful 19 year old entrepreneur in Miami, FL and extremely grateful for the process that I went through and that I'm still going through to reach that peak in my life.

So What’s Our Goal?

Our goal is to help people, as simple as that may sound, we want to take Young Wild Dreams to become a gateway, so more than just photography and film but a headquarters for passionate entrepreneurs and creatives all over the world. So many people have influence, power, and money but very few of them actually want to help people, our goal is to redefine, mold and become a strong front, a helping hand to the future generation of entrepreneurs around the world. Passionate storytellers. Hardworking professionals.